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Types of Ointments for Various Uses in Pharmaceutical Industry

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

There are different types of medicines you can get from The Pharmaceutical industry provides different types of essential medicines and other medical ingredients to all the people and these medicines are extremely useful for treating several critical diseases. One of them is the ointment. The ointment is a formulation that includes moisturizers, medicines and others and it can be applied to our skin to treat various things such as cuts, burns, bites, dry skin and many more. So, there is no doubt that ointments are the most essential elements for all of us.

There are many different types of ointments available in the pharma companies which are used to treat different diseases. If you want to know about the types and various uses of ointments so that you can use the appropriate ointments, then we will guide you in this. In this blog, we will tell you about the types of ointments for various uses in the pharmaceutical industry From Best Pcd pharma franchise in india.

Ointments for Various Uses in Pharmaceutical Industry
Types of Ointments for Various Uses in Pharmaceutical Industry

What are Ointments?

You cannot clearly understand the various types and uses of ointments if you don't know what an ointment is. So, you have to know first what an ointment is. An ointment is a type of oil-based formulation with a semi-solid texture that can be easily applied to our skin to heal the cuts, burns, bites, dry skin and so on. Basically, ointments have 80% oil and 20% water in them. PCD pharma franchise company for ointments are also able to cure critical infections.

The elements which are available in the ointments are safe for our skin and ointments are the most suitable option for treating any skin disease. Ointments are made in such a way that they can be easily absorbed into the skin and cure skin diseases efficiently. The more water the ointments contain, the more efficiently they will spread in the skin and heal skin diseases.

Now let's see the different types of ointments and their various uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Different Types of Ointments and Their Various Uses

Pharmaceutical industry offers many different types of high-quality ointments to all the people which can be used for healing any type of skin disease, cuts, burns, bites and many more. Ointments PCD pharma franchise in India are made in such a way so that they can be applied on the different parts of our body such as on the skin, chest, mucous membrane of the eyes, nose, and so on. We have mentioned below different types of ointments and their various uses.

1. Hydrocarbon Bases

These are oil-based or oily ointments. These ointments are used to reduce the dryness and hydrate the dry skin efficiently. So, these ointments perform as moisturizers.

Some common hydrocarbon-based ointments PCD Company use are Petrolatum jellies such as Vaseline®, Wax, Liquid petrolatum or mineral oil and many more. These ointments are perfect for use in the winter season when almost everyone faces dry skin issues.

2. Absorption Bases

These are basically water-based ointments. These ointments absorb water to form water-in-oil emulsions. These ointments can also reduce the dryness of the skin and moisture the skin just like hydrocarbon-based ointments. These ointments cannot be easily washed from the skin. Cold cream, lanolin, and hydrophilic petrolatum are some most common absorption-based ointments.

3. Water-removal Bases

These ointments are basically oil-in-water emulsions and these ointments can be washed very easily from the skin. Vanishing cream, hydrophilic ointments and many more are examples of these ointments. They are mainly used as a cleansing cream and ladies can easily wash their make-up with the help of these ointments.

4. Water-soluble Bases

These ointments can absorb water. Water soluble-based ointments are completely oil-free ointments. Some most common water-soluble-based ointments are ethanol, PEG, propylene glycol and so on.

So these are the four types of ointments that are used for various purposes. Before choosing an ointment, you have to check the quality and characteristics of the drug. If your skin is extremely sensitive, then you also need to check if you are allergic to an ointment and take the doctor's advice to choose the most appropriate ointment for your skin. If you use a low-quality and inappropriate ointment, your skin will be damaged more. So try to be conscious while choosing the ointments PCD pharma franchise distributors.

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